Do you know which Medicare plan may be right for you?

As you age, your insurance needs change. That’s why Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a range of plans to protect you and your savings. Speak with an Ohio-licensed insurance agent* to help you get the protection you need today.

Medicare Advantage

These plans include Medicare Parts A (hospitalizations) and B (doctor visits) with added benefits for affordable premiums — as low as $01 for some.

Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

These plans fill the gaps in Original Medicare coverage with $0 copays, low deductibles, and limits to what you pay out-of-pocket to help you budget.2

Learn more about Medicare Supplement plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Choose the Anthem coverage that's right for you:

Medicare Advantage:

  • get medical care from leading providers within a network to maximize savings

  • a single plan that has Original Medicare benefits plus more

  • copayments/​coinsurance for medical services

  • coverage for emergency care worldwide

  • prescription drug coverage

Medicare Supplement:

  • freedom to choose any Medicare-approved doctor, specialist, or hospital

  • flexibility to choose from a portfolio of plans designed to supplement Original Medicare

  • no copayments2

  • prescription drug coverage available3

  • guaranteed renewable coverage you can keep for life once you're enrolled4

  • coverage for medical emergencies outside of the U.S.2

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