If you’re retiring at 65 or delaying retirement until 67, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield can help you find the answers you need about health coverage.

Original Medicare was never meant to cover everything and without added coverage, you could be left to pay thousands of dollars on your own. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans from Anthem can help protect your retirement and your finances from large medical bills.

Call an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Health Benefit Advisor* to get answers to these questions and more:

  • "Do I need new coverage?"
  • "How does Medicare work and what does it cover? What doesn't it cover?"
  • "Why do I need added coverage?"
  • "What plan is right for me?"

With Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare coverage, you get:

  • Our network of leading doctors and clinics
  • Optional prescription drug coverage
  • LiveHealth Online service - Schedule doctor appointments from the comfort of your own home with our web and mobile-enabled doctor visit system1

All Medicare Supplement plans are offered to Medicare qualified individuals under the age of 65.

Choose the Anthem coverage that's right for you:

Medicare Advantage:

  • get medical care from leading providers within a network to maximize savings

  • a single plan that has Original Medicare benefits plus more

  • copayments/​coinsurance for medical services

  • coverage for emergency care worldwide

  • prescription drug coverage

Medicare Supplement:

  • freedom to choose any Medicare-approved doctor, specialist, or hospital

  • flexibility to choose from a portfolio of plans designed to supplement Original Medicare

  • no copayments2

  • prescription drug coverage available3

  • guaranteed renewable coverage you can keep for life once you're enrolled4

  • coverage for medical emergencies outside of the U.S.2

Talk with one of our Health Benefit Advisors* now to learn more:
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8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week

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