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    Visit any Medicare-approved
    doctor or hospital.

  • Trusted in Ohio Since 1939

    Coverage that is guaranteed
    for life.1

  • Trusted in Ohio Since 1939

    Enjoy the freedom to travel across the
    state or across the county, and still be

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See why so many Ohioans rely on Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Medicare doesn't cover everything. You pay deductibles plus 20% coinsurance. You could be left with thousands of dollars in medical bills - and there's no limit to your out-of-pocket costs.

Fill the gaps in Medicare with an affordable Medicare Supplement insurance policy underwritten by Community Insurance Company.

  • Keep the doctors you know and trust.


    Visit any Medicare-approved doctors, specialists and hospitals with no network restrictions and no referrals required.
  • Enjoy the security of benefits that will never change, even if your health does - and your coverage is guaranteed for life!1
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